The 2000 mile mark. Stick layout by Sickboy. From left to right is Oliver (The Dog), Patty, Andy, Sickboy, and Me (Snail-No-More). (Photo by Patty Vergot)
Mile [2000]

Me (Snail-No-More) in Caratunk, Maine. I was shivering as I ate this pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk but how could I pass up Ben & Jerrys? (Photo by Patty Vergot)
Mile [2008]
Katahdin from just past Abol bridge.
Mile [2144]
Friendly Canadian Jays next to Daicey Pond in Baxter State Park.
Mile [2152]
Me (Snail-No-More) part of the way up Katahdin.
Mile [2157]
Looking across the top of Katahdin from Baxter Peak. This was taken a few hundred yards from the summit.
Mile [2159.1]
The cairn on the summit of Katahdin. I am putting a rock I carried from Springer mountain on top.
Mile [2159.2]
This photo was taken on the way back down Katahdin. Pictured is Sardog.
The infamous Lazy Lightning Crew on the way back down Katahdin. Left to right is Skillet, Rooster, Little Bear, and Sardog.
Snail-No-More is Kevin A. Hoffman
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