Me (Snail-No-More) at the first blaze on the Appalachian Trail! Springer Mountain, Georgia.
Mile [0]
Hanging out and drying off at the Walasiyi Inn, the first hostel on the AT, in Neel's Gap, Georgia. From left to right is Waldo, BB, Purple Pirate, and Hi Tech.
Mile [31]
For your amusement my journal entry from 4/19/96 - the day I reached Neels Gap (AKA Walasiyi Inn).
4/19/96 Pain, pain, pain. Got to Neels gap did a tough 3 miles, though last mile was not to bad. Raining most of the day. Got a shower, a bed, food. Me, Dan, Waldo, a thru-hiker from last year named Clay and a Ridgerunner named Leslie all went out for Chinese. I had Cashew & Shrimp, mmm, mmm good! I've got 10 miles to do tomorrow to make it to Low Gap, I don't know if I can make it. Both my legs feel swollen, all my toes feel numb. I have a rash on both of my legs, sunburn on my arms and neck blisters between my toes and just general pains all over. Waiting for the sunshine...
I don't remember exactly where I took this picture, but it was after a storm in the Georgia mountains.
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Snail-No-More is Kevin A. Hoffman
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