Me (Snail-No-More) next to an unusual tree in Bly Gap North Carolina. Bly Gap is where the AT crosses the border of Georgia and North Carolina.
Mile [75]

Early in North Carolina.
Sunset from Cheoah Bald.
Mile [142]

Another journal entry...

5/3/96 I was able to do an 8 miler today from NOC at 1700ft to Cheoah Bald at 5062ft. What a view! Going to watch the sun set this evening. The view from here is beyond words. I'll get some pictures but it just won't capture the view and feeling of this place. I am here with the Brothers, Grant and Lisa, a 95er named Snore-a-saurus, and someone named Daydreamer. Going to try 10 tomorrow but there is some nasty stuff ahead.

The mountain breeze the cloulds up high,
Five thousand feet up in the sky.
Another climb, another day,
a few more miles, North the way.
I stop my walk, the night is here,
I really wish I had a beer!
At least some of my friends are near...
Taking lunch in the Smoky Mountains. From left to right is Senior Wiggly, The Brothers (Older & Younger), and Crag.

Somewhere in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

Somewhere toward the northern end of the Smoky Mountains.
Max Patch, North Carolina. Look closely at the top of the bald and you will see two small dots. These dots are The Sweethearts (Steve & Lea)! Notice the trail blazes on the posts.
Mile [250]
Hanging out in Hot Springs, North Carolina. I just gave out some of Grandma's chocolate chip cookies before I took this picture. From left to right is Lone Wolf, The Brothers (Older & Younger), The Sweethearts (Steve & Lea), and M.C. Brandy.
Mile [269]
Empress sporting the new Bondage Barbie(TM).
From top to bottom is Waldo, Crag, and Hi Tech standing on top of some rocks on a bald in Tennessee.
Snail-No-More is Kevin A. Hoffman
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